Farewell 2018 Summer Sailing Season

And that is a wrap on the 2018 summer sailing season…bittersweet, as usual…

I love to sail. I love to be with my ship, the two of us working so hard all summer, and taking care of each other. But, I also love the fall. The air and the light make their shift, the phone stops ringing, and we make plans to begin winter projects, forever working to keep this 53 year old vessel as beautiful, functional and safe as possible. So, sweet is the transition and bitter is the wait until spring, when we get to work hard together again, and ply our home waters for days on end!

Thank you everyone for an amazing season this year! We continue to grow and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share the sailing experience with so many people!

Though the official season has come to a close, we do offer a range of off-season packages available in and around our winter maintenance schedule.  These include our Chili Sail, Winter Sail & Stay, and international captaining services in a destination of your choice! 

Photos courtesy of Julie Ellison