Blake Island

Our kids refer to this idyllic getaway as “Treasure Island,” for all the chocolate gold coin treasure they find along the trail each time we go exploring! Who could have stashed such loot?

With a very real history of booze running during the prohibition, and current buildings and artwork representing Native American tribes of the Salish Sea, Blake Island has much to offer within a short sail from Bainbridge Island.

The entirety of the island is covered by State Park lands and is only accessible by boat. You’ll find a host of wildlife from otters and seals to eagles, raccoons and deer, sometimes all together on one stretch of beach.

Join us for a day trip or an overnight to Blake Island and enjoy the great network of hiking trails, beautiful beaches, and kayaking.  You can also opt for the dinner and performance at Tillicum Village, a Northwest Native American Longhouse and Interpretive Center.

Day Trip $650 |  Up to 6 guests
Overnight $995 | Up to 4 guests

  • Price
    Day Trip $650 / Overnight $995